Dos poemas de Xánath Caraza

5 abril, 2018 Poesía, Traducciones

  By Xánath Caraza   Huitzil   Designs of clouds share your dreams. Melody of air, ring out on the treetop of the ceiba. I sense desire of the hummingbird in jungle mist. Huitzil, huitzil, huitzil, huitzil! Whispers, in full moon, wind from the South. Huitzil swells his lungs full of memories and chirps to the rhythm of leaves that scatter in the river. Mountain water, whirlpools and stones carry the hummingbird’s scent in the current. There isn’t a hummingbirdRead More

Seattle in Flames

19 febrero, 2018 Traducciones

Author: Enmanuel R. Arjona – Translated by Marie Garcia     Voracious the city feeds, it grows with its concrete arms squashing primordial virtue, creating ecosystems of opulence, of fantasy, of misery, of utopia versus reality. The city keeps growing incessant, cold, humid, impatient with its steel, long-necked beasts devouring forests, lakes history, martyrs stories and memories, washing away faults and fortunes, creating magnificent infrastructure in pursuit of modernity. Brilliant; The city flickers and shines luminous it knows it is powerful it dressesRead More

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